Ian Mathie

Recorded in notebooks kept during his years working as a rural development officer, his stories take you beneath the skin of Africa. Illustrating the intimate lives of the communities he lived and worked amongst and revealing facets of their cultures seldom seen by outsiders and the uninitiated. His writing will transport you deep into the hinterland to remote villages and communities whilst keeping you reading right to the end.

Tim Butcher, the Daily Telegraph's former Africa bureau chief and best selling author of 'Blood River' and 'Chasing the Devil' describes Bride Price as:

"A wonderfully evocative account of a lost time in Africa before political, genocidal maelstroms reframed the way the continent is perceived. Writing with great sensitivity and authenticity, Mathie enriches our understanding not just of the people but of the human spirit that thrives there."

 Bride Price, was followed by the second volume, Man in a Mud Hut.The third volume, Supper with the President, published in October 2011, offers glimpses into the private lives of some of Africa's prominent people as well as sharing some more unusual events and activities, even a camel caravan to

sharing some more unusual events and activities, even a camel caravan to the slave salt mines of Taoudenni in the remote Sahara. Canadian Editor Wendy Reis commented:

"This one took my breath away. Deliciously written, it is at times laugh-out-loud funny and it contains intrigue and tales of hobnobbing in high places. ..... Live vicariously through the keen observations of this extraordinary yet humble man. You won't regret a penny or minute of it!"

March 2012 sees the publication of Dust of the Danakil, Ian's fourth African memoir book. This one is about drought in Ethiopia in 1974 and was written in response to the drought currently ravaging Somalia and the new one beginning in the Sahel. As well as telling the story of his work in Ethiopia, it also addresses some major faults with the International aid and Relief systems.

Ian's other books include The Man of Passage, a collection of true stories about unusual and bizarre experiences in Africa during the 1970s and early 80s and a volume of light hearted poetry, called Keep Taking The Pills, which was written to stave off the boredom and frustration of hospital life after receiving a renal transplant.

And there are more African memoirs to be published soon.

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